Sirikt 2015 International Conference

27th – 29th May 2015

Sirikt 2015 International Conference - 27th – 29th May 2015

Materials for flipped learning and safe classes

Maja Vreča and Ingrid Možina-Podbršček, Arnes

The general public is gradually becoming increasingly aware of the dangers the internet can present, mainly due to the increase in various frauds and virus or other malware infections. In addition to these threats, the growing use of smart phones and other handy devices is also revealing some of the unpleasant consequences of being attached to new technologies. This level of attachment can quickly turn into various addictions, particularly among young people. In addition, constant access to the internet gives children and teenagers the opportunity to find new ways to harass their peers. This type of violence has skyrocketed in recent years as it is largely hidden from the scrutiny of adults.  In order to prevent the various unpleasant effects related to the use of new technologies, we have to work on raising awareness. We will present ARNES video materials which are designed for use in classes or for “flipped learning” for primary and secondary school students. ARNES has organised a competition for the best sample classes to be prepared using Sheeplive cartoons and these video materials. Awards will be presented for the three best classes devised.

maja-vrecaMaja Vreča has been employed at ARNES since 1995. Through her work with users, she deals with problems related to the safe use of the internet and devices and is also involved in the SAFE project.  The project-related work includes writing articles and delivering lectures to various groups – from primary and secondary school students and their parents to undergraduate students and employees at educational and other institutions.

ingrid-podbrscekIngrid Možina-Podbršček has been employed at ARNES since August 2014. She is a member of the e-School Bag project team that is responsible for SIO/ARNES workshops. She has been involved in preparing and organising training on ICT use in education for day-nursery, school and boarding school staff since 1994. She was also involved in the Computer Literacy (CL) and e-School project, in which she was one the project managers.

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